Baby Shower Patchwork Quilt/Playmat

The ultimate gift for a mum-to-be, a unique handmade quilt made from fabric their nearest and dearest have picked out for them. If you are arranging a gift for a new mum or planning a baby shower this is a lovely personal gift that will last from newborn through to toddler and make a beautiful keepsake.

Collect a square of fabric from each guest either before or at the baby shower and we will make the quilt up for you.

Recommended Fabrics
We recommend choosing fabric made from 100% cotton as these will be breathable, wear well and be soft against the babies skin.

- Depending on the size of the quilt you would like we ask you to provide 16 - 25 square measuring at least 25cm square.
- If you would like us to repeat a print you do not need to cut the fabric into squares. For example rather than send 16 squares of fabric for a small quilt you could send 5 or 6 strips of fabric 25 cm wide and we could repeat each print 3 or 4 times.
- You may also provide one large piece of fabric for the back of the quilt or ask us to source this the backing fabric
- We will provide the inner binding
- You will need to allow 2 weeks from the date we receive your fabric for production, however if you need an express order please email and we will try to accommodate you

If you have any questions please email us before purchase and we can find a solution together.

All our quilts are made from 100% cotton, including the inner lightweight binding. They make a cozy warm blanket, a perfect soft spot for tummy time and are also great to take with you and kick back on at the beach or park.

Available in 80cm square, 1m square or 120cm x 80cm.

Each item is lovingly handmade in Australia, please allow up to 2 weeks production time once fabric has been received by us.

Baby Shower Gift Patchwork Quilt